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Forever 21 Dresses: Prints & Lace

June 13, 2012

I picked up these dresses during a F21 visit a week ago. As usual, I gravitated toward the prints and lace. The first dress looked almost hideous on the hanger but I think it looks amazing on. The crochet lace design over the chartreuse yellow is really cool and different from most lace dresses that I usually see. The second dress was something I’d had my eye on for weeks. In the store, the size small fit but was a little fitted at the chest and way too short (for sitting down or bending over.) I ended up going with the medium even though it’s loose at the waist (still debating on this.) The last dress will probably be a return. I love the design but it’s too fitted at the chest for my taste.

Two years ago, I would’ve never walked into a Forever 21 store… EVER. It’s way too cluttered and it looks like a rainbow mess. But as I’ve learned, with a bit of patience, there are a few treasures to be found in that “mess.” While the quality may not be the best, I do really like the store for its bargains and more “trendy” items. I try not to go overboard with anything too trendy (to me, it’s a waste of money) and opt for trends that I love and will continue to love for years to come.

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