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Coral Steal @ Target

July 14, 2013

photo 2The Sam & Libby line at Target has been around for quite some time now and it looks as though most of the shoes and sandals have barely been touched. I briefly reviewed the line in a previous post and I’m guessing that customers have steered away from the line because of the following reasons:

  1. The prices are higher than other Target shoes (but not by much)
  2. They’re waiting for a sale (I’ve noticed that most Target shoes/clothing go on sale in about a month – not the case with this line)
  3. The shoes simply don’t fit! They do tend to be on the more narrow side

I initially purchased a pair of wedges but didn’t think they were worth the price I paid. While at the store the other day, I quickly browsed their selection again and noticed a closed box. The image on the box did not consist of one of the in store options and lucky for me, they were my size!

Inside were the Sonia Silver Wedge Sandals in a pretty coral/snake color. When I saw the price, I was in shock! There was a red sticker tagged on the original tag that read $8.76! Because this was an online only item that someone had returned, the store clearanced the shoes out right away. I of course snatched them up and headed to check out.

I do adore many of the designs that this line has to offer but I personally would be more willing to buy if they knocked maybe $5 off each pair -especially because there isn’t a high demand. If there were a higher demand for these, I doubt that would be the case but knowing Target, they clearance most items out anyway including designer collections/collaborations.

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