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Shopping H&M’s Exclusive Conscious Collection

April 14, 2014

photo 1(1) copy

Last Thursday, a few friends and I hit up H&M in San Francisco about 45 minutes to opening. Usually, most collections are available at my nearby store but this year’s Exclusive Conscious collection seemed to be…. very, very exclusive.

photo 1(1)

My heart raced as I peered into the store and watched the workers get the mannequins and clothing ready. I chatted with a security guard about fashion and he immediately informed me of the 15% off student discount (Check this out! Not sure when it expires.) The security guard soon left and I found myself practically pressing my nose up against the store’s glass doors. I was beyond excited -yet, very nervous. We weren’t the only group. People started to trickle in as the time grew closer to 9:30.

When the doors flew open, I raced toward the gorgeous embroidered heels. I found the only size 5.5 in the store and did a beeline through the maze of shelves and racks, grabbing the beautiful floor length black dress, navy jacket, short white lace dress, and tassle earrings.

Anyways, here’s what I took home…

photo 1(2)

photo 5

Fitting Room Photos…

photo 2(2)

I’m still unsure about the jacket and black dress. They’re both amazing but, will I wear them? The shoes are definite keepers and while I love the earrings, I don’t like that clip-on factor. Those may be a future DIY project.

Racks & shelves after the initial frenzy..

photo 2(1) copy 2 photo 2(1) copy photo 2(1) photo 3 copy 2 photo 3 copy photo 3 photo 4 copy 2 photo 4 copy photo 4 photo 5

Curious about the collection’s sales, I called the two stores that carried the collection in SF on Friday morning and both locations informed me that nearly everything was sold out. Shoes, accessories, and popular dresses and outerwear (short white lace, floor length black and navy jacket) were completely gone. Everything else had a few random sizes left over. This year’s collection was definitely a major hit.

Take a look at my purchases from previous collections..


2012 (First Exclusive CC collection)


2013 – I purchased the lavender/blue dress on the right

As you can see, the previous collections consisted of more formal wear. 2012’s collection wear nearly all dresses and skirts! In 2013, we saw mostly dresses and a few suits and tops from what I recall. This year’s collection focused not only on gorgeous dresses, but also on pieces that could be taken from day to night. I think this added to it being the third year for Exclusive Conscious, there was a ton of hype and publicity this time around. Pieces also sold out more quickly than every before. Also, let’s not forget that H&M’s online store in the U.S. launched just last August. This definitely played a role in the collection’s success. When I checked Thursday morning at 7:20 a.m. PST, most sizes for popular items were sold out. By Thursday evening, every size for most of the dresses, accessories, and shoes were sold out. There are a few items available online and it doesn’t hurt to check daily to see if there’s been a re-stock due to a return or cancelled order. I’ve been told that stores and online will not be getting “new” replenishment in.

After the excitement of this collection, I definitely needed a break from collection madness. Peter Som x Kohl’s also launched on Thursday and although the Internet is telling me otherwise, I know a few friends who were able to order Zooey Deschanel x Tommy Hilfiger pieces on Thursday as well.

But in other news, H&M gave us a one day break before announcing the newest collection on Saturday evening…

photo 3

Alexander Wang. Alex-freaking-ander Wang. I immediately texted me collab obsessed friends and we all laughed, cried, and DIED together. I know the collection won’t be until the fall, but dreams of the awesome-ness that this collection will bring has got me on a nearly permanent high. I can’t wait.

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  1. June 6, 2014 3:22 pm

    I had the same thought with the black dress, it was simply stunning but when would I wear it?! I still bought it anyway, it was too hard to say no ^^ I love these collections, I bought the blue lavender dress too and wore it to the graduation ball 🙂

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